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From The Bottom Line:

“One can personally disagree with the company's policies and practices, but it is not acceptable to express those feelings at work in any manner that undermines the company's goals. You are expected to...”

From Overview:

“In their attempt to attract and retain the best and brightest employees in a global economy and multi-cultural workforce, corporations worldwide today speak in terms of valuing diversity, not tolerating it; of empowering the uniqueness each person brings to the table, not accommodating their differences. To achieve these goals, corporations...”

From Company Goals:

“There are a rapidly increasing number of places in the world where discrimination based upon sexual orientation and upon gender identity and expression are strictly prohibited. But your company has compelling business reasons for prohibiting discrimination that go well beyond legal compliance. It does so to achieve its corporate goals, which are set to reflect...”

From The Law:

“Laws that prohibit homosexuality only concern sexual behavior... The status of being homosexual and of saying that one is gay is what is protected and valued by corporate policy...”

From Proper Terminology:

“‘Transgender’ (not ‘transgendered’) takes in both gender identity (an inner sense of being male or female) and gender expression (how we manifest feeling masculine or feminine through the way we look, act, or dress). It is best used...”

From What Gay & Transgender Employees Want:

“No one is looking for special treatment, just equal treatment. Gay and transgender people who are able to be out at work are far more productive because...”

From What is Expected of Every Employee:

“The only way the company will succeed in its efforts to be optimally competitive is if every single employee sees as his or her personal responsibility the need to value diversity and to manifest behaviors and attitudes that achieve that goal. That does not mean...”

From What is Expected of Every Manager:

“Managers should always assume that there is a gay person and a transgender person present among their team members and among their clients. They should treat all disruptive behaviors equally...”

From "So, what if..." (Answers for Managers):

“...I disagree with my company's policy on this?

Do not communicate your feelings verbally or non-verbally to anyone other than to your human resources professional. You are entitled to your opinion but you were hired to be a team player. As a manager, you are expected to be an enthusiastic leader and...”

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