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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is considered a "user"?

A user is anyone on your computer network with access to the guide.

How can we make sure only managers have access to the guide?

The easiest way is to place a link to the guide in a restricted area of your intranet only available to managers.

Do users need to set up individual accounts?

No. There are no account IDs or passwords required. Anyone on your computer network can have access.

How do you know a user is on our network?

When we set up your account we record the public IP addresses your organization uses. The addresses are not tied to anyone's computer. They are the public addresses of the servers used by your organization to access the Internet. No sensitive information is passed to us.

Can someone view the guide outside the office?

A user can view the guide from anywhere, so long as he or she is logged in to your network. If your network allows users to log in using a VPN, then that means anyone using the VPN can access the guide regardless of location.

Is there anything we need to install or maintain?

No. We maintain all the software and content for the guide on a Web server we manage.

Do users need special software or browser plugins?

No. All a user needs to view the guide is a standard Web browser, like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.