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Sex Camp—5 Questions about Sex Camp

  1. WHAT IS IT?
    "Sex Camp" is the fun and informative new book by Brian McNaught that could make you laugh, cry, sigh, scratch your head, turn the page, grumble, and learn lots of new things about your sexuality and that of others. Thirty-two strangers come together for an intensive week-long workshop on sexuality. Some of them are gay. Most of them are straight or bisexual. Some of them are transgender. Most of them are not. Some of them are religious. Some are angry at religion. Some of them have been abused sexually. Some of them like their bodies. Some of them have never sexually pleasured themselves. And some of them are uncomfortable talking about sex. They're being led through the week by a group of the best sex educators in the country, some of whom are gay, some of whom are transgender, some of whom are religious, some of whom are angry at religion, some of whom have been abused, most of whom like their bodies, but all of whom love to talk about sex.
    "Sex Camp" is most appropriate for high school seniors and those older and was written for anyone who loves or wants to love their sexuality. You'll be asked to think about your sexual values, your body image, self-pleasuring, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, pleasuring others, lifestyles, abuse, disability, aging, and people who are different than you are. Bishop John Spong says it's for the "courageous and radically open." It's really for anyone who would like to enhance their attitude about and skills in sexuality.
    "Sex Camp" is funny at times. It's also sad, unsettling, joyful, whimsical, playful, insightful, and inspiring. The thirty-two strangers who come together for this amazing week represent a wide spectrum of the culture in their age, ethnicity, economic security, comfort with sex, experience of sex, and moral values. At "Sex Camp" they all tell their stories to each other, focusing on the four or five most important events in their lives that have influenced their sexuality, good or bad.
    "Sex Camp" helps the reader face the three obstacles to sexual health - ignorance, secrecy, and trauma, probes what keeps us from feeling comfortable with our bodies at the beach, regardless of how we look, explores the impact of abuse on our ability to be intimate, explains why some people born with a penis identify themselves as female, and vice versa, examines the experience of growing up with a secret attraction to others of the same gender, highlights the reasons many heterosexuals lose sexual excitement in their marriages and offers ways to bring it back, discusses the impact of aging on sexual pleasure and suggests options for mutual satisfaction, and faces head on the conflicts we often feel between what we feel morally and what we feel sexually. The participants are promised that by the end of the week, they'll know more about sex than ninety percent of the population. The same promise is made to readers of the book.
    While there is some talk in the McNaught/Struble household of casting Tom Welling of Smallville as Brian in the film, you'd have to wait until Tom was Brian's age, which would be awhile. Better that you should find out now why "Sex Camp" was recommended for the "courageous and radically open."
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