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Ever aspire to be a gay activist? Curious to know what goes on in a sex workshop? Do you like romance? If so then Brian McNaught's hot-off-the-press and into-your-heart book "SEX CAMP" is for you. Presented as fictional dialog between 32 participants at The (very real) Annual Workshop on Sexuality at Thornfield "SEX CAMP" documents wide range of sexual health journeys. These thirty two adorable characters represent bits and pieces of 30 years worth of annual workshop participation - a great cross section of humanity - in relationships so very true. Like all of Brian McNaught writings "SEX CAMP" is factual. And Brian gets the reader to identify personally with the characters so they reach right out and grab you into the book! As multiple stories unfold - and romance blossoms and blooms - we gain the same insights a real professional in the field of sexual health would have - an added bonus. "SEX CAMP" is fun.

I wish I had this book to give to my campers in 1971 instead of the deplorable but then popular "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex But were Afraid To Ask". The world has made light years of progress thanks to Brian McNaught, The Thorfield Workshop, and books like "SEX CAMP". Read this book and improve your life.

Mark Meehl - Camp Counselor '71, '75, '76

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