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Sex Camp

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"...courageous and radically open"

"Sex Camp" is a lighthearted fictional story based on the very real Annual Workshop on Sexuality, the nationally-renowned training that has been held for nearly thirty years at an Episcopal Church-owned retreat facility in upstate New York. Led by a Baptist theologian and sexologist, and five others considered to be among the best sexuality educators in the country, the workshop is affectionately called "Sex Camp" by participants and staff alike.

The thirty-two strangers who arrive on Saturday are told that by the end of the week they'll know more about sex than ninety percent of the population. What they go home with on the following Saturday is a lot more than they anticipated or were promised.

Besides laughing, crying, swearing, and cheering through films and intimate discussions about sexual values, body image, 'self-pleasuring,' gender identity, sexual orientation, seduction, abuse, theology, and 'turn ons,' they faced off with each other around an altar in the woods, under blankets and star-filled skies, bareassed in the water, and with hands joined singing in a circle.

Most everyone goes home forever changed. That is, if they make it through the week.

The Annual Workshop on Sexuality at Thornfield was called "the world's best kept secret." Now you're in on it. To order, please visit AuthorHouse

"In his book 'SEX CAMP,' Brian McNaught ventures into places where most people fear to tread. His searing honesty combines with an overt ability to pose issues about human sexuality that desperately need to be faced, lest we continue to violate those who do not fit our security boxes. I commend his work but only to those among us who are courageous and radically open."

– Bishop John Shelby Spong
Author: Here I Stand! My Struggle for a Christianity of Integrity, Love and Equality

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