Gay/Straight: Can We Talk? Building Bridges of Understanding

"Gay/Straight: Can We Talk? is the third in a series of programs (from PBS Station KBDI-TV12) examining homosexual issues with Brian McNaught. Brian and our studio audience talk about building bridges of understanding between heterosexuals and their gay family members, friends and co-workers. Through personal stories and open dialogue, this program models how gays and straights can talk and listen to each other in ways that can make friends out of strangers and allies out of foes.

"McNaught asserts, 'The issue of homosexuality is a very difficult one for many people. Turn on a talk show or read a letter to the editor and it's easy to understand that many people are wrestling with this. Yet, I believe, with honesty, patience and love that people with seemingly impossible differences can build bridges of mutual respect and admiration'."

58 min., 1997