Gay Issues in the Workplace

What people are saying:

"Essential reading...a clear and comprehensive primer offering a sensible and sensitive guide."

– Ed Mickens, editor and publisher of Working It Out: The Newsletter For Gay And Lesbian Employment Issues

"Every manager and employee who takes our course...will receive a copy of this book. Brian McNaught has an incredible skill in helping people understand and respond to gay issues in a non-threatening way."

– Sheila Landers, Personnel Services Manager at Lucent Technologies

"Clear, well-organized and straightforward, McNaught's book is an excellent resource. This is a book for gays to read and share with their colleagues and, when possible, their employers...a significant index of how lesbians and gay men are transforming society by being out in the workplace."

– Genre

"Straights and gays alike have something to learn from this concise, academic and human book. Historic facts and definitions provide a sound basis for understanding, and McNaught's anecdotal flourishes from work and family life bring the material well into the '90s."

– Southern Voice

About the book...

Paperback (St. Martin's Press, 1993)

"In this clear, concise, and thoughtful book, corporate consultant and educator Brian McNaught shows businesspeople and corporate managers how anti-gay bias impacts the entire work force and harms corporate productivity. McNaught presents a field-tested approach to coping with prejudice and eliminating destructive behaviors from the workplace. Covered are such topics as:

What gay people need from their employers to feel safe and valued.
How to effectively educate heterosexual workers about gay issues.
How to respond to the concerns of religiously conservative employees and members of the public.
How to help gay employees trust the company's commitment to create a productive work environment for all workers."
– (From the Book Cover)