Paperback (St. Martin's Press, 1988)

"Brian McNaught has a special knack for enabling people to understand what it means to be gay. He has done so as a writer and lecturer since 1974, explaining, encouraging, and often healing his audiences. McNaught provides a look - sometimes humorous, always insightful - at such concerns as whether or not to 'come out', maintaining ties with one's family, building love relationships that last, developing an honest relationship with God, dealing with AIDS, and accepting oneself as decent and worthy of respect."

– (From the Book Cover)

What people are saying:

"Please read this book...Every reader, whatever his or her sexual orientation, will be healed in some way by this experience."

– Today's Parish

"There is wisdom, insight and humor within these pages. Brian McNaught has put together a collection of his writings that will both inspire you and bring a tear to your eye."

– The Advocate

"On Being Gay fills an obvious need. It deserves to be read–and put into practice–by all men and women still struggling against homosexuality in themselves, their families, their friends or the same sex couple they avoid on a daily basis.

– Philadelphia Inquirer

"McNaught is both disarmingly honest and gently humorous, whether castigating the hypocrisy of religious leaders and institutions or challenging the pretensions of the reigning gay orthodoxy."

– Lambda Rising Book Report

On Being Gay
Thoughts on Family, Faith, and Love